Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Gary Dunford MIA

Gary Dunford retired from the Toronto Sun in 2005 after 32 years at the keyboards, but judging by comments on web sites, faithful fans crave more Dunfisms.

Gary retired to the north country, became an occasional blogger (avid fans say much too occasional) and has generally vanished from the media scene.

Faithful readers hungry for Dunf have been using TSF to revive the memories with our link to his final Sun column.

"Speaking of Page 6, whatever happened to Gary Dunford? His columns were cut back, then they weren't there any more," asks a fan posting on the Southern Ontario/WNY Radio-TV Forum site.

"Dunford retired a couple of years ago," replies another fan. "I stumbled on his farewell column while reading about (Paul) Rimstead the other day. It's vintage Dunf."

The fan, who included TSF's link to Dunford's final column for others to enjoy, also said "Dunford has a blog, although he doesn't post a lot."

Another fan recalls Dunford's columns during his stint at the Sun - 7,127 columns from 1973 to 2005:

"Thanks for posting this! Dunford was moved to the back of the paper and seemed to be on unpredictable days, and Canoe probably DIDN'T archive that last column. I certainly didn't see it online or in print.

"Dunf was the guy half the radio industry would turn to in the morning to see if they still had jobs. He also wrote material for Bruno Gerussi's radio program and his recordings. Yes, I have a copy of "Signing With The NHL."

Dunf's fans can only hope he is holed up in his cabin working on a book about his Sun years, or will be publishing a compilation of his favourite columns.

As one of the key players at the Sun for more than three decades, he must have a million stories to tell.

Page 6 at the Toronto Sun is no more, but in his honour, Page 6 lives on at other Suns.

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  1. Gary Dunford or the Toronta Brain Farm as mentioned in TMENS Issue #3, May 1970. How did you fair? I am writing a BLOG about "them's that doin'" from the first 10 issues of that magazine. Thanks for a reply....wherever you are.