Monday, 25 June 2007

Cross Words 2

More cross words for the editor of Sun Television.

For the second time in a month, the Toronto Sun has managed to screw up the Sun Television crossword puzzle, repeating last week's puzzle and answers.

A month ago, they had a new puzzle but the previous week's answers. They corrected the mistake by publishing the correct answers on the Monday, but not much use to all of the Sunday Sun readers who don't buy the Monday paper.

We would complain to the editor of Sun Television, but nobody is taking credit for its publication anywhere in the 36-page guide.

Why the screw ups?

Apathy? Too few staffers doing too much work?

Speaking of the Sunday Sun, our ENT section was a mess, with several shredded pages and 10 extra blank white pages between the pages.

And there were five copies of the FIFA U-2 World Cup soccer supplement.

Again, why the screw ups?

Our gut feeling is this was a less-than-perfect trial run of the presses at the new Quebecor printing plant in west end Toronto.


Between the outdated crossword puzzle and the ragged ENT section, it was a Sunday Sun letdown sure to further alienate weekend readers.

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