Thursday, 28 June 2007

Fair news play?

The new Osprey purchase bid from Black Press in B.C. is receiving huge play in newspapers and on web sites across Canada.

Quebcor's Toronto Sun devoted two paragraphs in Thursday's Money section.

So much for providing readers of a major daily newspaper with fair and balanced news.


Osprey newspaper readers, including the Northumberland News in Cobourg, are reading a lengthy story on the new bid thanks to James Wallace, an Osprey News Network columnist.

And, as usual, Grant Robertson at the Globe and Mail gives readers of his media column much more background to the Osprey newspaper takeover battle.

Plus the Toronto Star business section story by Rita Trichur

Just about every web story devoted to the post-Quebecor bid for Osprey's 54 daily and weekly newspapers across Ontario has been more detailed than information found in the Sun.

Major Canadian business news story - two paragraphs.

The ex-con bimbo P.H. - unlimited news space.

That is Quebecor's brand of journalism in 2007.

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