Friday, 1 June 2007

Un-Foxy Marsden

Sun Media's Rachel Marsden has made her exit from Fox TV's Red Eye show - with security guards showing her the front door.

News reports say she was escorted from Fox News in New York earlier this week.

Rachel says on her blog: "I have been told that it (Red Eye) is heading in a 'different direction' from its inception, and I am the 'first casualty.'"

A Canadian Press story in the Toronto Star said the "right-wing pundit" and Toronto Sun columnist is "best known in Canada for a couple of high-profile sexual harassment controversies."

The New York Post yesterday quoted a Fox News insider as saying Rachel was removed "due to erratic behaviour," not just a change in program direction.

CP says in an e-mail exchange, Marsden denied the Post claim, and said it was standard procedure to be escorted from the building when given a pink slip at Fox News.

"They are always concerned that someone will take a laptop or a computer or something," Marsden said in the e-mail. "Truth be told, the show started off being newsy and political, but the content had changed drastically from its inception."


  1. So she's not good enough for Fox News which has no credibility, but somehow still good enough to write for Sun Media? Get outta town.

    There needs to be a massive overhaul of the op-ed columnists... Lyn Cockburn, Marsden, Jordan Smith, to name just a couple... get rid of 'em. At least Worthy's earned the right to decide when he'll stop writing.

  2. Marsden is the most original, dynamic and edgy voices in the media today. Sun Media is lucky to have her - and everyone at the Sun knows that.
    Have you ever seen that Fox News TV show that she was on? It was about bestiality and sex, and she was asked to kiss another female panelist on-air more than once. Marsden leaving was a smart move. Her career is only headed upwards.