Monday, 4 June 2007

Gamer ethics

Gamers anxious for any words on Microsoft's much anticipated Halo 3 due Sept. 25 showed a bit of restraint after Steve Tilley's "exclusive" three-page review was published in the Sunday Sun's ENT section.

For reasons unknown, Steve's Halo 3 exclusive is MIA on and there is no mention of it on his blog. But gamers being gamers . . .

From New Halo 3 Info from Toronto Sun
Yesterday, John_117 posted a note about an article in his local newspaper - the Toronto Sun. Our policy with newspaper scans is the same as our policy with magazine scans - we will not link them until the issue is no longer available on newsstands. (It's why you won't find any links to the GamePro article here yet . . .)

"This was Sunday's paper, though, and today is Monday - so thanks to Hawaiian_Pig, who scanned in the article (along with closeups of the pictures), you can get a good look at some of the changes expected for Halo 3! (If you're totally against knowing anything about Halo 3, this article could be considered to have spoilers.) "

TSF doesn't know why Steve's Halo 3 special isn't on, but they must know you can't keep the news from gamers. At least they waited a day to ignore copyrights.

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