Saturday, 2 June 2007

Laura Bobak trio

It was kind of a journalistic triple play yesterday to see a Canadian Press story by laid off Toronto Sun staffer Laura Bobak in the Toronto Star.

It is a well-balanced story about the Quebecor offer to buy Osprey's chain of newspapers. She covers all of the bases and then some.

Laura is clearly someone who knows what to do when laid off by Sun Media - quickly get back on the horse and write away. You don't surrender and get out of journalism.

Media have had a field day reporting on the Quebecor/Osprey deal, including an Eric Reguly piece in the Globe and Mail about Osprey's setback as an income trust.

The Financial Post analysis of the deal.

Grant Robertson at the Globe and Mail looks at Quebecor's game plan.

James Wallace at the Niagara Falls Review sets the stage for a Torstar/Quebecor newspaper war.

Bryn Weese at the North Bay Nugget says it's business as usual.

The Toronto Sun interviews Quebecor's Luc Lavoie.

The Fading to Black blog has a press release from the CEP media union.

And just the facts - about Osprey and Quebecor

A lot of words written and only time will tell if Quebecor's treatment of Osprey's 54 newspapers will be a repeat of the first eight years of Sun Media gutting.

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