Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Two Sun highs

Rob Lamberti's three-part Toronto Sun series on home invasions was crime reporting at its best, putting every reader in the shoes of traumatized victims.

Few writers have captured the terror of violent home invasions and the lingering trauma of victims, but the veteran award-winning Sun crime reporter did so in chilling detail.

Rob's crime reporting continues to raise the bar in Toronto crime reporting circles.

We searched for Rob's three-part series, which ran Sunday through Tuesday, without success.

A second story, written by the Calgary Sun's Todd Saelhof, describes how a long lost sister and bother were reunited thanks to a Letter to the Editor.

The letter in the Calgary Sun reunited Malcolm Wathall of Bow Island, Alberta, and his sister, Brenda, from England. They lost track of each after he moved to Alberta in 1982.

Brenda sent the "Brother Where Art Thou" letter prior to a three-week trip to Canada with her husband. An unidentified Sun reader contacted Malcolm following a successful web site search for him and the reunion took place this week.

Our kind of Sun stories.

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