Friday, 15 June 2007

Web duties

A recent Editors Weblog posting is about a Sun south of the border, but new print/web photo and video demands of newspaper owners appear to have no borders.

The posting begins:

"Professional photojournalists, the Guild Unit at The Sun and the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild are worried about the requirement of reporters at The Sun to shoot still pictures and video for the paper’s website.

"Photojournalists see the move as threatening quality and infringing on their profession and the guilds see this as compromising the quality of reporting and as over-burdening journalists’ already heavy workload."

To voice their concerns, 18 Baltimore Sun photojournalists launched a three-day byline strike that ran Monday through Wednesday.

We wouldn't want to be a Sun Media reporter or columnist with a video camera pointed at angry people in the middle of heated protests. Not without danger pay.

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