Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Chief Simon Fobister

The long neglected residents of Grassy Narrows near Kenora have seen their fishing waters poisoned by mercury from the Reed Paper Company and their traditional hunting grounds bulldozed by Abitibi and Weyerhauser despite extended logging blockades and disputes.

They have been short-changed for decades by governments more interested in appeasing big business than lifting Ontario's aboriginal communities out of Third World living conditions.

Residents of Grassy Narrows have earned and deserve our respect.

So when the chief of Grassy Narrows First Nations arrives in Toronto for a Queen's Park protest, the Toronto Sun's Antonella Artuso should have made an effort to get his name right.

It is Chief Simon Fobister, not Foeister.

Once could be excused as a typo, but the Queen's Park Bureau writer spells Chief Fobister's name wrong four times. (It was still wrong in her story on

(The Star got it right.)

Not a good start in a week leading up to Friday's National Day of Action.

Our best to Chief Fobister and all of the families at Grassy Narrows.

Your plight is Ontario's shame.

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