Thursday, 28 June 2007

CEP study 2

Vancouver's CKNW has put a new slant on reporting CEP's national year-long study of Canadian journalists and the state of journalism.

"A study by Canada’s largest media union on the state of Canadian journalism has found the bottom line is taking precedence over the corporate commitment to news gathering," says CKNW.

TSF seconds that emotion.

CKNW says on the upside, CEP Vice President Peter Murdoch says journalists still believe in their craft and are doing the best job possible, but there have been serious concerns.

"They’re overwhelmingly concerned that the commitment on the part of their corporate owners is not what it once was and resources have gone down in many cases and some of the kinds of things that we used to do, investigative journalism and that sort of thing is very much on the decrease, so there are concerns about that."

The study - 854 anonymous participants returned the eight-page questionaire - also says there are concerns about ethics and the amount of corporate input into newsrooms.

Amen to that . . .

Initial news reports on the study highlighted the on-the-job dangers for print and broadcast journalists and photographers, including assaults and threats.

The complete results of the CEP study can be read here in PDF format.

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