Thursday, 11 October 2007

Back page sports

We have always been a big fan of New York tabloids with front page news and back page sports, with the occasional wrap-around news and sports specials.

It is the best of both worlds for news and sports coverage, but the Toronto Sun, except for rare wrap-around editions (the 9/11 wrap-around was a classic), has never been committed to it as a permanent format.

Apparently, it was tossed around in the board room in the '70s and '80s, but rejected in favour of premium-priced, back page advertising.

The New York tabs came to mind Wednesday after seeing the third hockey photo on the front page within a week. Also saw a few New York tabs on a talk show after the fall of the Yankees to Cleveland - including an eye-catching back page "Indian Bummer" headline.

With local, regional, national and international news being what it is and the year round major sporting events in Canada, it wouldn't be difficult for Sun Media tabs to do daily.

But with Quebecor selling out the front page of the Sun to advertisers, back page sports coverage is destined to remain an appealing, but remote, possibility.

Besides, priorities in Quebecorland place news third behind sports and Hollywood fluff. Exhibit A: last Sunday's Sun, with a front page hockey photo at the expense of a double fatality involving high speed cars and the murder of an RCMP officer.

It would be interesting to see a breakdown of the number of Toronto Sun front pages in the past year with (a) news (b) sports (c) Hollywood fluff.

TSF's latest online poll asks if you are a fan of front page news and back page sports.

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