Monday, 15 October 2007

Dave Ellis is home

Toronto Sun ACE Dave Ellis is out of hospital and recuperating at home while the family prepares for a bicycle sale.

"Dave is home," says daughter Lara on the CarePages web site, where more than 120 positive messages to Dave were posted since his hard fall from his bike in September.

"We are all glad that it turned out this well, which is a testament to Dave's resiliency and health and the excellent care he received from the doctors and nurses at Toronto Western Hospital," she said Wednesday.

"Thanks to everyone for sending positive energy and messages to him and his family during what was an extremely difficult time. Keep an eye out in the weeks to come for a notice regarding the upcoming bicycle sale on Kenilworth!"

Family members say the positive vibes received via computer from relatives, friends and Dave's current and former newsroom colleagues meant a lot to Dave.

Gord Walsh, the Sun's old pro, is keeping Dave's city desk chair warm until he returns to work.

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