Monday, 22 October 2007

Unsigned editorials

Traditional, unsigned editorials that speak on behalf of the Toronto Sun as an entity have quietly returned to the Sunday Sun.

Unsigned editorials - including yesterday's "Council's tough tax choice" - are the norm at most major daily newspapers across North America. But they were axed by Sun Media last February in favour of centralized, signed Point of View pieces.

The controversial signed POVs, giving individuals credit for opinions on local, provincial, national and international matters, put a dent in the credibility of the Toronto Sun as Toronto's Other Voice because relatively few POVs have focused on GTA issues.

Sunday's unsigned editorial, commenting on a local and vital Toronto tax issue, was the voice of the Toronto Sun and all felt right again in the Comment section after nine months of POVs.

As one observer noted, unsigned editorials indicate the Toronto Sun has not abandoned its roots, which in pre-Quebecor days were firmly planted in the GTA.

It sounds like a point of view Lou Clancy, the Toronto Sun's new editor-in-chief, shares as he actively resuscitates "local" as the newsroom's buzz word.

Local news, local editorials, local entertainment, local sports, local lifestyle features etc.

Our kind of Sun.

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