Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Monday, Monday A+

Monday's Toronto Sun had the refreshing feel of a new ballgame - no front page banner ad and solid, ad-free local news on the first nine pages.

We can't recall the last time a weekday Toronto Sun did not have a front page car or music store banner ad across the bottom. It gave the photo room to breathe.

Page 2 was all local news, not a page of Internet news. (The webpage wisely has been reduced to a weekly feature beginning next Monday.)

The next eight pages were all news and features, including the Great Sun Media Sex Survey, two pages of the Toronto International Marathon coverage, a full page of world news etc.

Now that is putting the "news" back in "newspaper."

We'd like to think that is (Lou) Clancy lowering the boom as the new editor-in-chief and getting things done in the newsroom. It is called focus and Monday's Sun was focused.

We don't expect the lucrative and somewhat tolerable lower front page banner ads to be gone for long, but it was refreshing to see full play for a photo.

Hopefully, we have seen the last of the annoying car ads that cover half of the front page and disrupt the flow of the first few pages.

We have been wondering how Sun advertisers - getadodge.ca, Honda, Music World etc. - who have been paying big bucks for front page banner ads reacted to being bumped for those obtrusive blue strip Hyundai car ads on two consecutive Fridays.

We'd be ticked.

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