Sunday, 28 October 2007

Paper candles

The National Post, founded by Conrad Black and launched on Oct. 27, 1998, celebrated its ninth anniversary on Saturday.

The Toronto Sun, launched Nov. 1, 1971, by 62 employees from the defunct Toronto Telegram, turns 36 next Thursday.

Next Saturday, the Toronto Star, nee Evening Star, launched on Nov. 3, 1892, by 21 printers and four apprentices locked out at the Toronto News, turns 115.

And the Globe of Globe and Mail newspaper heritage, founded March 5, 1844, by George Brown, celebrated 163 years of publishing, with a merge here and there, last spring.

That's four major Toronto daily newspapers with more than 320 years of publishing experience between them.

A folded, paid-for newspaper tucked under one arm, with content worthy of the minimal daily investment, still reigns in Toronto.

So happy anniversaries to all - and many more.

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