Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Bob Jelenic update

Bob Jelenic, former Toronto Sun accountant and a key player in the tabloid's glory years, has cancer and is stepping down as chairman and CEO of the Journal Register Corp.

Jelenic, 57, will step down Nov. 1 after 20 years with the New Jersey-based corporation. He has been on medical leave since June 8.

"My 32 years in the newspaper industry have been extremely gratifying and rewarding," Jelenic said in a JRC press release. "In terms of my personal situation, I intend to continue to focus all my energies on reaching a full recovery."

James Hall, 60, a longtime board member, will replace Jelenic. The corporation owns 22 daily and 346 weekly newspapers and 227 individual websites across the U.S.

In a JRC statement, Hall said Jelenic "leaves a legacy of a strong management team" to tackle the struggling industry.

During his 12 years at the Toronto Sun, Bob was considered a member of the A Team, working overtime on corporate figures as the Sun expanded to other cities, including Houston and Calgary.

Sudbury-born Bob is called the Sun's "golden boy" in Jean Sonmor's 1993 book, The Little Paper That Grew - Inside the Toronto Sun Publishing Corporation.

In the early 1990s, when reached by Sonmor, Jelenic spoke fondly of his years with the Sun chain, which included three turbulent years as general manager of the Houston Post.

"I think it's one of the best run news organizations in North America" the Toronto Sun's former general manager told Sonmor in 1992. "Every speech I give I mention that."

Times have changed since Bob last shared in the success of the rising Sun, but we are sure Sun vets wish him well.

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