Friday, 12 October 2007

Just Googlin' around

Re Quebecor stacks up more
telephone directory print jobs

A CP story says Quebecor Media has created a new subsidiary to include all its print and online directory operations, with plans to expand the unit to 100 employees over the next year or so.

Quebecor said Thursday the new subsidiary will include 30 new print directories in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta to be published under the MediaPages name. An online directory will also be created under the name at the beginning of next year. Full CP story

Re Sun Media's new
front page ads

Mike Otto
, photo editor for The Gateway, the University of Alberta's student newspaper, sums up Sun Media front page layover ads as "totally bush league."

"Advertisements on the front page are nothing new: both the Journal and Sun have been running ads along the bottom of the cover for years. The act of covering up newspaper content, however, makes this practice of far greater concern." Mike's full Editorial

Re Danielle Crittenden's
first Barbara Amiel

Danielle Crittenden
, stepdaughter of Toronto Sun co-founder Peter Worthington, was 15 when she first met Barbara Amiel.

"My stepfather Peter Worthington, then editor of the Toronto Sun, called me into the living room. He and my mother were entertaining Barbara and her second husband, the Hungarian-born poet (and, now, National Post columnist) George Jonas.

"No teenager enjoys being frogmarched before their parents' friends; it only intensifies the already inflamed sense of awkwardness, and at that moment I was especially awkward," she writes in a recent Full Comment column in the National Post. "So you can imagine what it was like to be confronted with the most exotic parental friend I'd ever seen." Danielle's full column

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