Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Newsroom parade

The only reason Canoe Live is programmed on our PVR is the daily parade of familiar faces in the Toronto Sun newsroom during Jeanette Luu's live interviews.

We aren't talking about the regulars, Mike Strobel, Lorrie Goldstein, Christina Blizzard and Rob Granatstein, who sit down for interviews throughout the week.

We are talking about the not-so-subtle walk-bys of Ian Robertson, Tom Godfrey, Mark Bonokoski, Lou Clancy, Jim Thompson etc. during the interviews.

The length of the newsroom gives staffers ample time to show their good side to the cameras during their background cameos. At least they curb any desire to break into song and dance, or to stop and wave to mom.

Mike, Lorrie, Christina and Rob receive a small fee for their Canoe Live interviews. The unscripted walk-bys are non-paying appearances.

Seems like there is nothing more tempting to a print journalist than grabbing a little ad-lib live television exposure. Who knows, Hollywood could be watching.

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