Monday, 1 October 2007

New press woes

Stop the presses, the "new" pressmen at Quebecor's "new" printing plant have not been able to provide a smooth transition from the old presses at 333 King Street East.

So the old pros who have been working the Sun presses for up to 32 years, were asked to carry on at 333 King Street East until the "gremlins" are worked out at the new plant.

Maybe the transition would be going smoothly if Quebecor moved the old pros to the new plant instead of shafting them.

That would have been Plan A for most logical people.

And what was that full page "Thank You" ad in the Sunday Sun? It includes the names of 252 "pressroom and distribution centre" employees.

Is that the number of Toronto Sun employees losing their jobs because of the new plant, or is that a mix of outgoing employees and new employees at the new plant?

"The Toronto Sun would like to thank the men and women in the press room and distribution centre for their loyalty and dedication in helping us get the word to the street each day," says the ad.

Sure, and ah, here's your final paycheque. Merry Christmas.

1 comment:

  1. Working 12 hours per shift at the new plant will eventually take its toll.

    Another six months I think the place will be shutdown.

    Same Quebecor style of managment.