Thursday, 25 October 2007

Inside the Sun blog

When Glenn Garnett made his exit as editor-in-chief of the Toronto Sun, he also signed off as the Inside the Sun blogger after posting items for six months.

The blog has been inactive since Oct. 1 and it has left a noticeable void in news being delivered from the management side.

We were thinking Lou Clancy, the veteran Toronto newsman who has returned to the Sun as EIC, would saddle up to the keyboard and continue the Inside the Sun blog.

There is nothing more accurate than news coming directly from an editor-in-chief and from what we've been hearing, newsroom staffers want to hear all that Lou has to say.

A Lou Clancy Inside the Sun debut on Nov. 1, the Toronto Sun's 36th anniversary, would be an ideal way for the respected EIC to begin sharing his feelings about the tabloid.

Should Lou continue the Inside the Sun blog?

That is the question in TSF's latest poll.

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