Thursday, 18 October 2007

McKlutz McToocruel?

Radio talk show hosts and hockey bloggers spent much of Wednesday commenting on the Toronto Sun's "Bryan McKlutz" front page.

"Toronto Sun reaches all time low," was the heading for Howard Berger's posting for his Fan 590 Nothing But Leafs blog.

"The idea and execution of the front-page layout/headline in today’s edition of the Toronto Sun was so astoundingly cruel and small-minded that it pains me to grace it with further attention," says Howard. "In so doing, I am deliberately playing into the hands of those whose decision it was to humiliate Toronto Maple Leafs’ defenceman Bryan McCabe. And, for that, I apologize in advance. But, I find it impossible to ignore such blatant idiocy."


An entry in the From Aj's Skybox reads: "It's been a couple of rough days for the Leaf defenceman, but the Toronto Sun made the entire situation worse by using the headline "Bryan McKlutz". Whomever's responsible should be fired. It was classless and downright disrespectful."


And some Leafs fans had their say in the HF Forum.

TSF feels the Sun's reverse psychology approach early in the season is an excellent idea. The "boys in blue can do no wrong" approach year after year for 40 cupless years has become a cliche.

The Leafs are highly paid grown men representing the GTA, not children to be coddled when they repeatedly do wrong.

Say you are a shareholder in a company that tanks year after year for decades. How long would you hold onto that stock before saying enough is enough?

The investors here are Leafs fans who invest their time, money and energy year after year after year. When is enough enough? Forty years without a Stanley Cup warrants drawing a line in the sand.

Fans who are tired of saying "next year" should thank the Sun for removing some of the gloss from its Leafs coverage.

Tough love - aimed at getting the Leafs back into the game and making the 2007/08 season a season to remember.


  1. McKlutz McToocruel? I believe Howard Berger should return to grade school to sharpen his English skills. He wrote: Whomever's responsible should be fired. Uh, shouldn't this be who? Whomever - object / whoever - subject of sentence.

  2. Whomever's responsible should be fired. - uh, whoever wrote this should be whipped with a soggy noodle. Whomever is ... ? Send this fellow back to grade school for some English lessons. Whoever - subject of sentence.