Saturday, 13 October 2007

Dunlop Awards news

The 2006 Dunlop Awards, announced in May, were finally presented in Toronto Thursday night, but the flagship Toronto Sun was slow off the mark in publicizing the dinner.

We learned of the awards night at the Chelsea Hotel when the Calgary Sun posted an online story by Dave Dormer early Friday, which was updated later in the day.

Next came a Winnipeg Sun report early today recapping its sports awards.

The Edmonton Sun also posted its Dunlop Awards story on Saturday.

The Toronto Sun's awards story by Tom Godfrey was published in the Sunday Sun.

The in-house Sun Media awards have always been a boost for recipients.

Toronto Sun newsroom sources say having Michael Sifton and Lou Clancy cheering them on this year is lifting their morale.

Once again, congrats to all.

Speaking of awards, maybe under Lou Clancy, the new editor-in-chief, the Toronto Sun's long dry spell for National Newspaper Award nominations and wins will end.

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  1. For the past few years, the Toronto Sun has published its account of the Dunlop Awards the following Sunday. I would expect it to appear then.