Friday, 19 October 2007

Sun crimebusters

Dave Thomas, meet Bob Holliday.

Bob, 65, a recently retired Winnipeg Sun crime reporter, was being served by a credit union teller Thursday when his instincts told him the person at the next teller wasn't quite right.

The cops and robbers vet saw the "customer," wearing a hat, sunglasses and a hooded sweatshirt, pass a piece of paper to the teller, which was brought to the attention of a supervisor. He also saw an object in a pocket that appeared to be a weapon.

Bob slipped out of the Assiniboine Credit Union branch and called 911, , says Ross Romaniuk in a Winnipeg Sun story.

“I could have tackled the person or whatever, but I’m too old for that crap,” he said. “So I called 911.”

The suspect, a woman, got into a nearby car and fled, apparently with a bag of cash.

Police responded within three minutes but it was "about 20 seconds too late," Bob told the Sun.

Bob, who still writes a Once Upon a Crime column for the Winnipeg Sun, should meet Toronto Sun photographer Dave Thomas over a few brews.

Dave has witnessed several crimes and has helped capture a few suspects.

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