Sunday, 20 April 2008

The 2 Tracys

There they were again, twice in the past week - almost identical stories in the Toronto Sun and Barrie Examiner by Tracy McLaughlin and Tracy McConkey respectively.

We are befuddled. It's kinda like a Joe Warmington column here and a Joe Warming column there, or a Peter Worthington column here and a Peter Worthing column there. Can't say we've ever seen this before.

Readers of the Sun Media newspapers in Toronto and Barrie probably couldn't care less, but what's the story from a newspaper's point of view?


  1. Nothing wrong with a freelancer selling their work to more than one outlet. Happens also with some photos that appear both in the Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun.

  2. Tracy McLaughlin30 April 2008 at 15:17

    Hi readers, I posted my reasons for the 2 Tracys earlier but don't see it on the blog so I will post it again...Yes, we are one and the same. I recently was married for the first time at the age of 50. I had planned to do the old-fashioned thing and go by my new married name of McConkey, but after some 20 years of being a news writer/photographer I discovered that suddenly going by a different name will pose a problem for many of my contacts.
    So I have decided to use my married name locally in the Barrie Examiner and my tried and true name of McLaughlin for all other media, including the Toronto Sun.
    In fact, I have many different personalities so only going by two names seems really quite simple. But I'm open to suggestions/critisism.