Saturday, 12 April 2008

Naiman zone

When Sandy Naiman left the building in January of 2007 after 30 years at the Toronto Sun, we knew this Lifestyle writer wouldn't gather any dust.

As of this week, Sandy, a tireless mental health advocate, is a featured writer on the Toronto Star's new web site, writing a mental health column every Tuesday and Thursday.

Sandy's lifetime battle with a mental disorder that doctors rebranded several times is an open book and her Coming Out Crazy column introduces HealthZone readers to her experiences.

"So, welcome to my world," Sandy tells readers. "Twice a week, I'm going to explore all kinds of mental health issues, news and views. Mine and yours. I invite your comments, questions, concerns and criticisms."

Sandy's world in 2008 also includes being a public speaker, Seneca College instructor and freelance writer.

She is one busy - and productive - journalist.

JDM would be proud of his former Ryerson student.

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