Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Bye ABCs

Updated 04/17/08 re reaction to switch
Bye bye ABCs (Audit Bureau of Circulations), hello Canadian Circulation Audit Board.

Sun Media, TorStar and Transcontinental Media have adopted the new CCAB, says a Marketwire press release today.

Marketwire says Sun Media now has 44 newspapers registered for CCAB auditing, including the Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Ottawa Suns, London Free Press, Sarnia Observer, Beacon Herald (Stratford), Daily Observer (Pembroke), Recorder and Times (Brockville), Times-Journal (St. Thomas), Brantford Expositor, Le Journal de Montreal and Le Journal de Quebec.

The newspaper publishing companies believe such an advisory board is needed to ensure that the Canadian newspaper industry has the flexibility and control necessary to better manage business in changing times and to reflect unique Canadian perspectives on the future of the newspaper industry, says the Marketwire story.

Reaction to the switch from ABC drew negative response from "industry leaders."

We await the release of Sun Media's first CCAB figures.


  1. Jack Wojcicki ( April 2008 at 16:25


    Statements issued by the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) included comments made by spokespeople who were represented as independent, concerned media buyers and advertisers. What was not disclosed was that these individuals are directors or past directors of ABC, the major competitor of CCAB (a division of BPA World Wide). As such their comments are not without bias, nor are they representative of the industry in general. Furthermore, the statements made regarding the quality of a CCAB audit are false and unsubstantiated. CCAB’s audits are conducted according to the highest industry-accepted circulation auditing guidelines and will adhere to its universal principles of accuracy and full disclosure. Of greatest concern is that these statements are not constructive nor are they in the interests of anyone in the media industry. Read CCAB’s side at

  2. re: the note above, please note that I (Jack Wojcicki) am PR Counsel with motum b2b, AOR for CCAB.