Monday, 14 April 2008

TorSun snoozing

The Toronto Sun newsroom has been snoozing since it published Kevin Connor's story about a $1,000 reward for a lost violin on Thursday - but not the Star.

The Sun appears to have abandoned the story about a homeless woman who found Jim Wallenberg's cherished $77,000 violin, but received only $35 and a $40 pinky ring from middleman Wayne Wulff instead of a larger share of the reward.

It is a tabloid story if there ever was one, but not a word in the Sun since Thursday.

The Star has published letters to the editor daily since Thursday; Kathy English wrote about it Saturday in her Public Editor column and Joe Fiorito devotes his column to it today.

All but one of the Star's letters to the editor in the print edition said the homeless woman, living out of a shopping cart in downtown Toronto, wasn't treated fairly and should receive a larger share of the $1,000 reward.


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