Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Random thoughts

The Sun's Help Wanted ads are far more appealing when they include ads for reporters and other positions at 333 King Street East. Today, an ad for another GA reporter. Deadline is April 11.

With all of the talk about educational requirements for journalism teachers and journalists, how many newspaper legends in the past century would not be qualified to apply today?

Did we miss it, or did the Toronto Sun not pull an April Fools prank on its readers this year? How about the other Suns? There was a time . . .

That Steve Buffery sports guy sure knows how to pitch himself in the job hunt department. Odds are he'll be staying put as a Toronto Sun columnist for the next decade or so.

How did Toronto Telegram readers in the 1950s read it on public transit? A 1955 Tely found at a recent auction measures 34 inches wide when open. The Sun? Just under 22 inches.

Print film critics in the U.S. are dropping like Iraq-themed movies, says the FILMdetail web site. An endangered species? No touching our dynamic Bruce-Liz-Jim trio, please.

There is a scent of spring in the air - and Dunlop Award nominations.

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