Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Sun fronts

Toronto Sun readers have had a love affair with the tabloid's unique front pages for almost four decades.

Thanks to Newseum's online daily front page submissions, Sun readers in Toronto and other Sun cities can create their own fave fronts collections.

Collect and catalogue the best of the best for free with a daily visit to the Newseum front pages site. Select North America in the "chose region" box.

Click on the newspaper's name or front page for a larger image, right click and save the image to your computer.

You can print them in full colour for framing, or create online slide shows. One regret is we didn't have this function during the first 30-plus years of award-winning front pages.

For media types, nothing tops framed front pages on the walls of rec rooms and home offices, especially if they are fronts with your line stories and/or photos.

Newseum's archival pages have some Sun fronts for major events:

The July 2005 London, England bombings;

The April 2007 Virginia Tech massacre;

The Barry Bonds' August 2007 historic home run, overshadowed on the front by a Kate Hudson summer romp exclusive;

The December 2007 tsunamis etc.

The 9/11 "Bastards" Toronto Sun front from 2001 is not in the Newseum archives, just fronts from the Globe and Mail and National Post.

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