Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Sherri Woodstock

Bob Bishop
, a former Toronto Sun colleague of Sherri Wood, designed this logo to officially set in motion a tribute concert to honour the late club and concert writer.

Introduction of the perfect logo today by Bob, now at the Toronto Star, is fitting - it would have been Sherri's 29th birthday. She died on Easter Monday from brain cancer.

Bill Brioux, another former Sun colleague, is directing readers of his TV Feeds My Family blog to a new Facebook page set up to solicit ideas and recruit volunteers for Sherri Woodstock.

"To celebrate her memory and spirit, as well as nudge along plans for a fundraising music concert salute, a Facebook site has been launched in her honor," Bill says in his blog. "If you are already a Facebook member, please feel free to check it out. If not, join it, join us, and help make this event happen."

Bill says organizing the concert "will take ideas and inspiration from many sources."

Judging by the flood of emotions and online tributes to Sherri, there will be no shortage of ideas, inspiration and volunteers.

Stay tuned to Bill's blog, Facebook and TSF for updates.

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