Thursday, 24 April 2008

Dunlop focus

The Dunlop Awards - to each his own.

It is puzzling why the Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary Suns and the London Free Press all chose to restrict online coverage of the winning 2007 Dunlop Awards entries to their own turf.

Links to a complete awards list were not provided. If there is a Sun Media list of all Dunlop Award winners and categories online, it is not easily accessible.

What we got, over a period of hours, were separate stories from Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and London. Did any other Sun Media newspaper win an award or receive an honourable mention?

When the annual National Newspaper Award nominations and winners are announced, all of the finalists and winners are posted on the Canadian Newspaper Association web site.

The News Photographers Association of Canada announces its complete lists of National Pictures of the Year Award nominees and winners via CNW Group press releases.

Life should be so simple with Sun Media.

While we're at it, kudos again to the Calgary Sun for providing links to winning multimedia entries. Ottawa, Toronto and London didn't provide any links, but TSF located a few.

Some newspapers have miles to go before they grasp the full potential of the Internet.

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