Thursday, 17 April 2008

Violin saga

The homeless woman in the lost-and-found $77,000 violin saga remains elusive, but she is still in the minds of Toronto Star columnists and readers.

Star columnist Joe Fiorito hit the bricks this week asking homeless people how $500 - half the reward money had the homeless woman received a share - would affect their lives. Apparently, $500 would go a long way in the pocket or purse of a homeless man or woman.

The Toronto Sun has dropped the ball on this story.

Meanwhile, the homeless woman who lost out on a share of the $1,000 reward last week when she surrendered the violin she found for $35 cash and a $40 pinky ring, has not been found.

Fiorito says in his Wednesday column, Wayne Wulff, the guy who collected the $1,000 reward, isn't returning phone calls.

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