Sunday, 27 April 2008

More Dunlops

Sun Media's promotion of its 2007 Dunlop Awards winners won't win any awards.

Several more newspapers have reported their wins - Winnipeg Sun, Barrie Examiner, Brantford Expositor - but still no online link to a complete list of winners and honorable mentions.

Announcing the awards in dribs and drabs after they were released on Tuesday is a strange way for Canada's largest newspaper chain to handle the Dunlops.

Flaunt the complete list, don't hide it. The 2006 Dunlop Awards list was readily available.

Last night, the Winnipeg Sun posted its wins online:

Entertainment editor Darryl Sterdan won first prize in the critical writing category for his Music at the Crossroads series, which "explored the phenomenon of digital downloading and its effects on the music industry.

Andrew Pollreis, a graphic designer, won first prize in the layout and design category for his "two-page spread rating the CFL's best quarterbacks," viewed by Sun Media readers across Canada. It was a repeat Dunlop win for Pollreis.

"I'm pleased with the results and extremely proud of Darryl, Andrew and the entire Sun editorial team," said Stephen Ripley, the Winnipeg Sun's editor-in-chief.

On Saturday, the Barrie Examiner publicized its win, a "We'll Be There" award for its news team coverage of the extensive Five Points blaze in downtown Barrie in December.

"When we heard about the Five Points fire we understood just how important it was to tell our readers not only what happened, but also what it meant to our community," said Mike Beaudin, managing editor.

"Our entire news team worked to tell the story through the eyes of firefighters, victims and downtown residents. The photos of the devastation were extremely powerful."

The Brantford Expositor announced its Dunlop Award honourable mention winner on Friday.

Vincent Ball, a reporter, earned the honours in the community daily writing category for Undercover: An inside look at Brantford's Drug Trade, a "three-part series about the city's drug trade and the police officers who battle it daily."

(The Expositor said that category was won by Frank Armstrong of the Kingston Whig-Standard for his piece When Crime Does Pay.)

More Dunlop Award announcements to come? Hey, maybe we'll have them all before the awards are presented in Toronto on June 26.

It's good PR, guys.

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