Sunday, 2 November 2008

37th video

Sun Media packaged a 37th birthday message video, which on the surface looks polished.

But there are glaring errors and omissions not worthy of a spirited anniversary special. (Check it out at the bottom of this posting.)

First, not one of the four remaining Day Oners - Peter Worthington, Andy Donato, Christina Blizzard and Jim Thomson - was interviewed.

Second, Kin-Man Lee, publisher and CEO of the Toronto Sun, says when the Sun was launched on Nov. 1, 1971, there were three other papers, "the Globe, the Post and the Star."

Say what? The Tely had folded, leaving the Globe and the Star. The Post didn't appear until 1998.

Lee later says the Sun is "27."

We all make mistakes, heck even TSF has made a few or more. But the Sun is in the business of communication and when it communicates in print and online, its accuracy affects its credibility.

The video was still accessible today so it appears Sun Media wasn't willing to edit the Lee footage for the sake of accuracy.

As for the four remaining Day Oners not being interviewed, we can only hope they avoided the spotlight by choice and by conscience.

To see them participate in the rally-around-the-flag production would have been embarrassing for them and all of the other Sun pioneers who take pride in the pre-Quebecor glory years.

Michele Mandel, Jim Slotek, Dave Fuller and Brett Clarkson do their best, but the only dialogue that registered with us was Lou Clancy saying the Sun was "turning again towards our roots."

Problem is, few people who truly understand the roots of the tabloid are retired, fired or deceased.

And the new regime apparently doesn't know how to get that lovin' feeling back.

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