Monday, 3 November 2008

Odds & ends

Keeping things positive . . .

The 37th birthday video at has been edited, eliminating Kin-Man Lee's comments about the National Post being around when the Sun was launched in 1971 and Lee saying 27 years instead of 37.

Kudos to the Page 2 layout crew for the new look. Page 2 has gone through more transformations than Larry King has gone through wives, but the current tabloid page is a keeper. We'll give those responsible a tip of the hat if given a name(s).

(One small improvement to Inside Your Sun would be the Toronto Sun's mailing address below the Web address to avoid having to search for a snail mail address. OK, one more. How about TV listings in the Regulars box?)

Was yesterday's Emmy's journey story by Veronica Henri (nee Milne) a first for the award-winning veteran photographer? If so, get her to the keyboards more often. Ditto for veteran copy editor Kaarina Leinala and her recent op-ed piece.

Alex Urosevic pushes the envelop with bikini clad Marcie, today's SUNshine Girl. People with poor eyesight are still trying to determine if that is a tattoo, doodling or pubic hair down yonder. The distraction, once again, is the circular red cellphone promo.

We're sure there is a desperate automobile designer somewhere out there dodging the rubble from a collapsing market thinking The Donato Wheelberry just might sell some cars. Andy's cartoon yesterday should have been animated for effect. Another gem.

And speaking of Donato, the more we think of it, 40 Years of Donato is a compilation book that has to be published. This is a milestone year for the editorial cartoonist and there would be ample sensational cartoons to package for a spring 2009 book release.

To Andy, Strobel, Bono, Michele, Peter W., Scrawler, Slotek, Liz, Bruce, Linda, Tom, Ian, Rob, Peake, Behal, Chris, Kevin, Bob M. and all of the other newsroom vets who reward readers daily, thanks for another year.

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