Monday, 10 November 2008

YouTube finds

Updated re Chuck reading You Said It, SUNshine Girl, theme clip etc.

Remember Chuck the Security Guard, a good friend of the Toronto Sun who kept us up nights watching his weird and wacky All-Night Show on Ch. 47 in the 1980s?

He lives - on YouTube.

There are a number of clips to view, including a nostalgic flashback to the days of Chuck, aka Chas Lawther, the feisty Toronto Sun, Page 6's Gary Dunford etc. Check it out.

Another clip has Chuck reading a 1980 You Said It (Do you watch the All-Night Show?) and checking out the SUNshine Girl, a security guard.

Plus the theme clip.

"Hey you to the people at the Sun," says Chuck.

Hey you back, Chuck. Thanks to video and YouTube, you are in our living rooms again with a whole bunch of nine-minute segments.

Sad to say, there hasn't been anything to match the spontaneous, late night joy of Chucky since he was shown the door by MTV, Canada's first 24-hour TV station.

An all-night show could be a draw again with a new generation of video oddities, YouTube, DVDs, home cams etc.

Meanwhile, is there a Best of Chuck the Security Guard on DVD? If not, there should be.

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