Saturday, 22 November 2008

Odds & ends

It was one simple photograph tucked away on Page 48 of Friday's Toronto Sun, but what an uplifting photo out of Afghanistan. The photo shows an Afghan pomegranate vendor displaying his produce at the World Pomegranate Fair in Kabul. Grow pomegranates, not opium poppies for heroin, is the message. What a refreshing break from the steady stream of photos of the ravages of the conflict. It makes us want to go out and buy a bushel of pomegranates from Afghanistan. Give them a helping hand on the world market with a product that is undeniably healthier than heroin and taking up arms.

Nov. 22, 1963. An ad salesman walks into the Brampton Times on Queen Street and says John Kennedy has been shot. The city editor chuckles as if it is a joke. No joke. The remainder of the day is spent glued to television sets trying to cope with what happened in Dallas. Then came Jack Ruby's bullet for Lee Harvey Oswald live on TV. It was surreal. The truth of it all remains untold 45 years later. Ditto for Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy, all victims of 1960's assassins. Lone gunmen? We've got some Florida swamp land for you. Recommended reading: Tim Harper's Star story today.

(Nov. 22 update: Not a word in the Toronto Sun about the 45th anniversary of JFK's death.)

The Sun says the latest movie from P.H. is a huge dud. Who knew? Why papers continue to waste space on this talentless bimbo is puzzling. She can't sing, dance or act. Go figure.

Forget Conrad Black, do you think George W. will pardon himself and his administration for crimes and misdemeanors during his eight years in the White House?

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  1. Sorry, it must be a senior's moment, but I have no idea who P.H. is and what movie this bimbo is supposed to have put out. Can anyone enlighten me.

    Bill Sandford