Sunday, 30 November 2008

Whig axes 6

CKWS-TV in Kingston says six unionized Kingston Whig-Standard employees have been axed, four in editorial, one in production and another in advertising.

"A union spokesperson declined to comment on the reason for the cuts, except to say that it makes it harder for those who remain," CKWS reported.

The Sun Media newspaper is one of the Osprey Media dailies picked up in the sale last summer.

More to come in the Sun Media chain this holiday season?

Stay tuned.

And Merry Christmas Quebecor. Your timing sucks.

Why announce layoffs weeks before Christmas? Is it a bookkeeping thing, or is it just another sign of being a conglomerate Scrooge without a heart?

Isn't "why now?" the same question Toronto Sun columnist Joe Warmington asked of Magna's Frank Stronach the other day?

In our books, the bottom line puts these heartless Scrooges on the bottom rung of Canadian corporate management.


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