Saturday, 22 November 2008

Variety call

An e-mail from Donald Duench re Mike Strobel's Variety Village Christmas Fund campaign:

"If you read Mike Strobel's great column about Variety Village in Friday's Sun, you would have seen a paragraph which noted that my wife, Ruth Demirdjian Duench, is donating her Tupperware sales commissions for next week (Nov. 22-28) to help the Toronto Sun Variety Village Christmas Fund.

"You and the TSF readers might appreciate knowing that photos and information about the Tupperware products which Ruth sells can be seen at her website, Purchases can be made at the website, or by contacting Ruth by phone (647-282-4386) or email at

"The sales commission for Tupperware's salespeople is 25%, so if Ruth has, say, $4,000 in sales this week, $1,000 goes to Variety Village.

"Ruth and I were at Variety Village in April to deliver a cheque after we did a similar sales commission donation following the death of George Gross. I agree with Mike that Variety Village deserves our support, and we're glad to provide it.

"We hope the TSF readers can help us give the Toronto Sun Variety Village Christmas Fund a big cheque next month."

Thank you for your e-mail, Donald.

Over to you TSF readers.

Speaking of Mike's column yesterday, he should threaten site staffers with daily flashings of his Toronto Sun tattoo until they provide hyperlinks to the online Variety Village donation site.

This is how it works,

"On Page 54 is a coupon to donate to the Sun's Variety Village Christmas Fund. Or you can do so online at"

You are there with the click of the mouse. No cutting and pasting and it makes it easier for older folks who don't know how to cut and paste site addresses. It could help raise more bucks for a worthy cause.

No need to go wild with links, but there are times when they are needed.

And trust us, you don't want Mike to be flashing his Sun tattoo at you.

One more thought, the Sun and the Variety Village site should have daily totals for donations received.

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