Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Tim and Woody

When Tim Fryer and Darren "Woody" McGee were shown the door by the Toronto Sun in May, people who knew and worked with the dedicated Sun vets were dumbfounded.

They were two of the few remaining glory days newsroom staffers still committed to the fading tabloid, but management ousted them in favour of a new guy.

Well, TSF is happy to report Tim and Darren are together again - at the Star.

Tim was hired by the Star a few weeks after his exit from the Sun and is now full time page editor on the universal desk.

And Woody was recently hired by the Star's Wheels department.

Congrats to both and to Star management for not letting the talents of Tim and Woody go to waste.

Two more valuable Sun staffers lost to the competition.

The Star, Globe and Post have cherry-picked many of the Sun's top talents over the years.

Quebecor's Sun doesn't have much left to give.

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