Monday, 17 November 2008

Tor police site

A Rob Lamberti story in today's online Toronto Sun should be applauded on two fronts.

The story announces a new Toronto police web site dedicated to unsolved current cases, cold cases and Toronto's most wanted.

And the online story includes hyperlinks to the new police site pages, a welcomed and long overdue practice.

The online cold case homicides date back to 1973, when the Sun was in its infancy. The Sun, or any other media, could assist police by featuring detailed weekly replays of the cold cases.

The lack of distribution boundaries on the Internet gives unsolved cases worldwide exposure. That is bad news for wanted men and women who think elapsed time is on their side.

And yes, Dennis Melvin Howe is still on the Toronto police most wanted list 25 years after the sex slaying of young Sharin Morningstar Keenan.

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