Thursday, 13 November 2008

Variety Village

When George Gross died last March, Variety Village lost a giant of a friend and fundraiser.

Toronto Sun readers were a generous lot in responding to George's annual appeals for donations to the Variety Village Christmas Fund, his pet project. They helped raise more than $1 million over three decades.

Occasionally, a community effort spearheaded by an individual dies with them, but not the Variety Village Christmas Fund.

Sun columnist Mike Strobel is picking up the baton from the late founding sports editor, who was still writing columns when he died at 85.

The Sun's annual appeal will remain the same, with prizes to be won and the names of all donors published. Donations can be made by mail or online at

"I'll write about Variety Village and this fund from time to time 'til Christmas," Mike says in his column today.

Good on you, Mike. George would be pleased.

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