Tuesday, 25 November 2008

News tantrums

Andy Rooney spoke his mind about newspapers on 60 Minutes recently. If you missed it, it's on YouTube here. Another Rooney on newspapers clip is here.

They are word perfect, as are most 60 Minutes clips.

But you've got to love YouTube for preserving classic television news broadcast bloopers and hissy fits, on and off the air.

Toronto Sun newsroom outbursts come and go without much fanfare, but when TV cameras are rolling, all tantrums and bloopers are fodder for YouTube.

The Sun could be holding video bloopers now that reporters are doing double duty with video cameras on the streets, but none to date on YouTube that we have found.

(Speaking of the Toronto Sun, the number of verbal outbursts and tantrums witnessed during our 19 years in the pre-Quebecor newsroom can be counted on one hand. A civil bunch.)

TV is another story. Gotcha footage on YouTube is a good night's entertainment.

A few YouTube favourites:

Anchor & reporter on air verbal slug fest

A Jessica Savitch NBC news classic

Bill O'Reilly going ballistic in '90s)

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