Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Re Greg Harris

Greg Harris, director of fundraising and publicity at the Ryerson Review of Journalism, is on a mission and he is hoping seasoned headline writers will answer his call.

He needs to interview copy editors about "the art of writing headlines," a topic seldom analyzed. It is for a Spring 2009 publication. His e-mail is j3harris@ryerson.ca

Headless Body In Topless Bar - New York Post

Queen of Mean has room in tomb - Lew Fournier, Sun

Firefighters save farmer's ass - Ditto for Lew

Meal almost becomes cereal killer - Our Lew again

Headline writing is, indeed, an art. Sun legends include Fournier, a gentlemanly vet who has agreed to be interviewed; Tim Fryer, now at the Star; Darren McGee, ousted from the Sun recently along with Tim, the late Paul Heming, Ben Grant, Lloyd Kemp and Howard MacGregor etc.

Greg said he didn't realize how little headline writing has been documented until he went Googling. He sent TSF the following e-mail:

"I am writing to tell you what a great resource your blog has been for me. I first came across the Toronto Sun Family blog in September, when I was doing background research for my Ryerson Review of Journalism piece about headline writing.

"Very little has been written on the art of writing headlines, but a Google search for Toronto Sun headlines, or something of that nature, brought me to your Top Ten Heads. I had called the Sun twice at that point, trying to find out who the headline writers were, and nobody that I talked to could give me any names.

"So when I saw that Lew Fournier had written half the headlines on your list, I knew that I had to speak with him. I was fortunate in that he responded to my email inquiry, and agreed to meet with me. Had it not been for your blog, I'm not sure if I would have gotten in touch with Lew.

"I must say that reading Toronto Sun Family on a daily basis has provided me with a solid context as to what's going on at the Sun these days. When I got the chance to visit the newsroom last weekend, I had some idea what to expect, and I definitely see Quebecor in a whole new light.

"Anyways, I am continually tracking down sources for my headline story, which is scheduled to be published in April. If you could put me in touch with any Toronto Sun staffers, past or present, who'd be interested in talking headlines with me, I would certainly be grateful.

"In the meantime, I'll keep reading the blog to see if any other names jump out at me.

"Yours truly,

Greg Harris,
Director of Fundraising and Publicity,
Ryerson Review of Journalism, Spring 2009"

Thank you for your e-mail Greg. We're sure headline writers at all four Toronto print dailies will be e-mailing to assist you in your project.

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