Monday, 10 November 2008

Morrison book

Every Canadian who put skates on as a kid and grew up watching the pros from armchairs and stadium seats has probably wondered what Scott Morrison took the time to ask.

What was your greatest day in hockey?

A perfect question, but few people have the credentials and the access to the greats that Scott has grown in several decades as a gentleman hockey writer.

Hockey Night in Canada: My Greatest Day, released in time for Christmas gift buying for hockey fans, is another labour of love hockey book from Scott.

The 2006 Hockey Hall of Fame award winner, who interviewed 50 hockey greats, gave Sunday Sun readers a generous taste of his 216-page hardcover book in a two-page spread.

(Published by Key Porter Books, it is available at for $20.76.)

Scott, a former Toronto Sun sports editor who left the Sun in 2001 after a 22-year stay, has thankfully returned to the sports pages as a Sun Media writer via Osprey Media. He was missed.

The 1979 George Gross protege has done the Baron proud in print, on air with CBC's Hockey Night in Canada and Rogers Sportsnet, online at and on radio talk shows.

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