Saturday, 8 November 2008

Random thoughts

Derek Tse, a talented entertainment writer/editor who jumped from the Toronto Sun to the Toronto Star a year ago, has returned to the roost.

It seems you can't always get what you want at the Star, so Derek returned to his comfort zone at 333 and the entertainment department is delighted.
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Gordon Lightfoot fans everywhere can wish the legendary Canadian singer/songwriter a Happy 70th on Canoe's Jam/Showbiz! site.

"Email your thoughts and wishes to here. We'd like to hear from you by November 10, so we can assemble it in time for the big day on November 17th," says the web site.
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When we think tabloid, we think Page 6 and Joe Warmington's Saturday Scrawler perfectly fit the bill today. A perfect potpourri of local events and observations, with familiar faces and bold face names.

From Saul Korman - we've got to get down to the Danforth to buy one of his suits - to Ti Domi, Craig Bromell and even U.S. president elect Barack Obama. Add Joe's Page 6 to our favourites, along with the new Page 2 and the TV listings page
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Speaking of Obama, its great to see some Toronto media bipartisanship going on, with Toronto Sun reporter Brian Gray marrying Toronto Star travel writer Kathryn Folliott.

It is not the first Sun/Star union (a Sun city editor bedded a Star police reporter in the 1980s), but it's nice to see. At least the newsroom/travel department pillow talk won't be a conflict of interest.
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The Toronto Sun has posted a Help Wanted ad for a general assignment reporter, with a Nov. 13 deadline for resumes. Are young qualified journalists lining up to join the new Sun?

In the non-union, glory days Help Wanted ads were minimal. There was little staff turnover because the Sun was such a great place to work and people in waiting were numerous.
. . .
All of the Toronto dailies raised newsstand prices for papers beyond the GTA in recent weeks, citing gasoline prices and other costs.

Now that prices have dipped about 50 cents per litre, will they reduce the prices? Say that $2.63 Sunday Sun sans television guide, the $3 Saturday Star etc.
. . .
Will PKP be to the newsrooms of Sun Media and Canoe what Sarah Palin was to John McCain's election team? Stay tuned.

Word is employees fear a return to the Quebecor savaging experienced on and off since Sun Media was purchased in 1999, ending a year of relative calm.

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