Thursday, 7 October 2010

Daily 333 treats

Tim Peckham's blog highlighting the daily treats Rita DeMontis (The Food Lady) shares with colleagues reminds us of the Switchboard Ladies during the glory years at 333.

First to greet second-floor staffers at the top of the stairs were Margaret Kmiciewicz, Jean Osborne, Marjorie Henry and others over the years.

And, no matter what time of the day, you could always count on a bag of sweet treats for passersby. The payload increased around Valentine's Day, Easter and Christmas.

During quiet times in the newsroom, they engaged in conversation along with the treat sampling and all was well on the second floor.

The Switchboard Ladies were never taken for granted. When needed, Margaret K, Jean, Marj and others were vital in reaching people near and far.

Their abilities on the telephone could make or break a developing story.

When you think about it, we should have been providing them with treats.    

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