Friday, 8 October 2010

Dear Me

A reliable TSF tipster has some advice for Sun Media's successful advice column applicants: Don't get too comfortable.

The tipster says Tom Holder, Sun Media's most recent national advice columnist, has been pink-slipped. 

It came so quickly "that kills had to go out warning papers to pull his column in Saturday pages that have already been designed," says the tipster.

Holder, father of seven from Alvinston, ON,  was named the new Sun Media advice columnist in May  following a national competition

Sun Media's first national advice columnist competition in 2009 was won by Robin Anderson, who  moved to another Sun column last April and was shown the door last month.

Dear Tom, write to TSF and tell us your story.


  1. He was fired for plagarizing material.

  2. Pulled from the advice blog:

    "Sun Media regrets that it is ending the daily Advice Guy column, but we’re compelled to do so after learning the columnist used material in a recent column published by another source. -The Editors"

  3. Say what you will about Sun Media, but they actually got it right here.
    Anyone who plagarizes should be canned.

    That said, they shouldn't have picked an advice columnist based on the fact he had seven children.

    How does seven children make you a qualified advice columnist?

  4. Doesn't really. Winning the contest did.