Friday, 8 October 2010

Where's Bono?

Update: It was (a) technical glitch - he's back in the masthead
Mark Bonokoski's name is missing from today's Comment section masthead, which means:

(a) It was a technical glitch.

(b) He is on vacation again and, as before, you are not "National Editorial Writer" while on vacation.

(c) Sun Media has listened to its readers and is returning Bono to columnist status, where he belongs.

Most readers who posted comments online following the Sun's "Bono speaks for us all" story want his column back in the Sun. 
John Tackmen wrote: "Bring him back now. Buying the paper this summer was not the same. There is a big hole with (Bonokoski) not in the news pages. To many long time readers like me, he is the Sun."
Bob Ralston wrote: "The summer is almost over. I hope this means Bonokoski will be back in the news pages soon. He is definitely missed. He is the only up-front columnist who gives us something new each and every time he writes. He follows no pack, unlike so many others who follow the same news story. For my money, he is the best in the business, and has been for years."
We await positive news about Mark's future at the Sun.

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