Monday, 4 October 2010

Robin was cut

Robin Anderson, two-time cancer survivor and former Toronto Sun columnist, was axed by the tabloid.

She confirms it in comments to TSF and on her new blog - Robin's Eye View, launched on the weekend. 

"Hello everyone, and welcome to my new blog," she writes in her first blog posting. "As many of you know, I was one of the unfortunates cut from Sun Media’s columnist/journalist repertoire. This can only mean there is something more in store for me - something bigger and better.

"I’m now getting back up on the soapbox, but this soapbox has no word count or subject matter restrictions. Unfortunately, this also means I no longer have my own personal column editor.

"Yes, I’m pulling out my 'Strunk and White,' as well as my 'grammar and  sentence  structure for dummies' yet again."

Welcome to blogland, Robin.


  1. All the best to you Robin, you're a classy lady.
    And our company takes another step toward the abyss of (fill in the blank). Let's examine this: 1) We hold a national contest to find a new columnist and promote the hell out of it in all our newspapers; 2) Robin is selected as the winner to great fanfare; 3) Quebecor uses her and then dumps her.
    Oh, the classy acts just keep on happening in our company

  2. Tried to find the original company release where, I am pretty sure, it said Robin was leaving on her own. Haven't found it.
    All the best Robin. You're better off not being with this company.